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Portrait & Lifestyle Photography captured by Emil Paje.

Portrait and Lifestyle photography basically is all about you. Every action, every pose and every moment that you want to capture in your life. Emil photography can do all that for you. Images of you & your loved ones never seemed so alive and the seconds in your life that you truly treasure most will be preserved in theses photos.

Emil Photography allows you to act naturally while your moments are crystallized. He pictures you in the most serene and meaningful places to you. Emotional essence is a factor that he takes seriously and you wont find such magic in images.

Freedom of expression is crucial capturing the truest of actions is by giving you the flexibility & versability to behave the way you want. From the innocense ina child's eyes to the intensity of emotions trapped in a budding teen, the expressions held within an individual is what infuses life to images. The family enjoying together on a sunny day and other moments, these special times are yours forever. With the light amount of originality and love, these images show life at its fullest.

Emil Paje is a well experienced and professional photographer based in Sharjah UAE.



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