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Portrait & Lifesstyle Photography Packages to suit your budget.



Environmental Portraiture Price $200 outdoor session fee - Four(4) hours

A Portait & lifestyle photography experience to crystallize...

An outdoor portrait & lifestyle photography session with Emil Paje is an amazing experience. It's an adventure in the places that mean the most to you. It's quality time, a chance to be with the ones you love. It's great fun too, and the memories won't fade away thanks to the high-quality framed prints and albums that Emil can provide for you to treasure. Shooting will take up to 4 hours, and will usually be based at a location near where you live - someplace that's important to you. It might be a park, a landmark, local tourist spot, or somewhere less conventional - the choice is yours. Pictures are so much more momentous if they're taken in a location that's important to you, rather than in an unfamiliar studio. This relationship is at the compassion of Emil Paje’s portrait & lifestyle photography. So what happens on photography shooting? That's up to you. Emil will provide you the space you need to play with the kids, throw leaves at each other, jump in puddles... all those things you don't normally get around to, but which bring a smile to your face. Forget about the camera, just don’t mind the presence of Emil Paje, it's just about being together and being natural during the shooting. Emil Paje portrait & lifestyle photography will capture you just as you are in a series of candid, caring pictures that turn moments of joy and togetherness into stunning porfolio images.


*** Any overnight accommodation and travel outside will incur additional fees.








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